Thursday, December 10, 2009

Peter Gabriel Mini-Tour: New Blood

Peter's official website has confirmed that he will be doing a mini-tour to promote his new album of cover songs, "Scratch My Back" around February - April 2010. So far, the only dates released are for London, Paris and Berlin and then back in London. Peter usually chooses the name of the tour based on some sort of in-joke and this one is no exception -- it's called New Blood (based on the cover image of the new album -- two blood cells).

He will be performing with full orchestra. Whether he plays piano with them is anyone's guess. One or more of the concerts is hoped to be filmed.

The odds of Peter actually coming to Philly (or anywhere else in the US) are quite slim due to the economy. Just my freakin' luck. Did I even mention that he once played my home town of Philly on my birthday on 18 November 2003? Well, he did. Unfortunately, I had moved to England three years previously. That paritcular birthday, I had been able to move back into my flooded out home-made bender by the River Avon in Bathwick. Hearing that I'd been able to do the unthinkable, my drunk boyfriend came crawling back, reading DH Lawrence love poetry. For some unfathomable reason, I took him back. Oh yeah -- I wasn't on Prozac then.

That's what I get for not staying faithful to PG, even though I don't have a snowball's chance of seeing him on concert on my birthday, let alone the wild thing with him. It's also proof that there's no God -- or, at least, no such thing as a benevolent God.

Off to bang my head against a wall. No -- on second thought, I think I'll just eat an entire chocolate cake. Yeah -- that'll do it.


nelson said...

the album is not bad

rraven said...

Do you have an advance copy, then, Nelson?