Monday, March 12, 2007

The Score So Far

Well, I thought I'd do something special for the first anniversary of this blog, but I've been felled by a virus for the last week, so just being conscious seems a celebration in and of itself. So, I've posted a picture of a hamster's butt for your enjoyment.

So, what are the numbers? Well, we have:
* about 132 posts
* an average of four links per post
* an average of one coherent thought per post and about thrity incoherent ones
* an average of zero comments per post (I must not be pissing enough of you off)
* about half of the posts have an image due to screw up in a security program. I keep meaning to go back and add images to all of the naked posts, but, quite frankly, I have better things to do.
* at least a dozen posts that actually comment on what is going on in my spritual life
* at least fifty-seven references to Peter Gabriel (one day I'll get around to fixing the links to those PG videos that were yanked by YouTube. Damn you, YouTube!)
ANYWAY, thanks for reading, even if this is the only post you ever read of this blog. Se ya same blog time, same blog channel.


Ian & Ola in Bath, UK said...

Hi Rena

How's America?

I've had your blog address in my bookmarks from before christmas.
Was meaning to post a hello but we were in Poland.

Hope you and pony are well

Peter Gabriel has been around here a couple of times asking about you but we told him you'd gone back to America. He's looking a bit old and haggered these days anyway and he smelt a little bit of wee :)

Me and Ola are getting married in the Guildhall on 14th April so if you're in town. come and join us.

rraven said...

Great to hear from you! Congrats on getting married. I don't think PG would let me back in the UK, sorry.

America has its ups and downs. You can't get a decent bacon butty anywhere, but Hershey's chocolate is all over the place. Pony likes it better over here, as there's so many things to sniff. I'm hoping to get a job and get published -- and I'm so glad I left Mitch!

Pony says "Feed me!"