Friday, May 19, 2006

And The Greatest of These Is Faith

Screw love. Love gets you in trouble, love makes you crazy, love lets you think you can change Satan's ways if he only had somone to love him. Love will always fail you.

It's faith that gets you through.

The manuscript I wrote & illustrated was about my faith. I'd dedicated the book to my first dog Rusty, who taught me that faith was stronger than hope or love. It took six years of struggle, outright plagerism and alot more blood than sweat. It was nearly finished, at a monstrous 800+ pages.

And then the only copy got burnt. "So much for faith in a Great Spirit," I thought. "Dogs are better than God."

I don't watch Oprah, but my Mom does. She said there was a dog on, so I had to watch. The dog that came on was named....


The dog was wagging her tail most of the time. She sure played to the audience! And she was so happy.

So what's my excuse?

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