Thursday, February 09, 2017

Had to Monetize the Blog. Sorry.

Hey, give me a break -- I made only $850 in 2015 and I'm still hurting. I need to gather in all the pennies I can -- even if this means that I loose my literary soul. Hopefully this means I will not have to delete any previous posts (you never know when the AdSense rules are going to change) but if I do, it probably won't be that great a loss to society.

In the meantime (and it is a mean time) I am going to post some of my old articles from websites that are no longer with us (and I see appear in evil scraper sites.) Right now, I'm going to concentrate on posting articles about writing but I'm sure I'll stray off to other topics eventually because that's how I am and there is no cure.

Also, I've started posting new material up at my other blogs that you may enjoy:

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