Saturday, January 25, 2014

So, How's the Book Going, Part 2

On Monday, I went to my primary care doctor for my annual checkup.  The waiting room was full of folks with the flu.  By Wednesday, I had the flu and still have it.  Apparently my muse fears that I am contagious and has stayed away most of the week.  I was able to rewrite problematic parts of 2 chapters, but other than that, nada.

And I do really miss having my muse take up my head space.  Life is definitely much better when I  can write in the book.  I do occasionally wonder if Sherlock  Holmes somehow  takes over  my personality as I write.  Actors sometimes get so deeply into their parts that their characters possess them.  This happened to the best actor to ever portray Sherlock  Holmes, Jeremy Brett.  He would look into a mirror and wondered aloud why Jeremy Brett was looking back at him.

Quite frankly, I wouldn't mind being possessed if means that I could get the bills paid on time.  It is possible that this book will never get published properly.  So far, it looks like the best I can do is get it published as an e-book (which means I have to fork out a substantial amount of my non-existent money) and then if it sells a few thousand copies, bring it to the attention of publishing houses specializing in Sherlockian novels, like Titan Books.

And then again, there's the notion that I'll wind up like Emily Dickinson.  Great poet -- but couldn't get a damn thing published until she was dead.

On that happy note, I wish you adieu until next time. 

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