Monday, October 14, 2013

Recovering from Peter Gabriel Concert in Leipzig

I'm so tired and sore that I'm amazed that I'm able to type.  But it was worth it!  The Peter Gabriel Back to Front concert in Leipzig, Germany was INCREDIBLE -- even better than the show in Philadelphia last year.  The lighting was better, some of the songs had better arrangements (especially "This is the Picture") and had the best intro I've heard so far for the PG classic "The Family and the Fishing Net."

I also got to meet PG again.  I want to emphasize that I've happened to be very lucky. PG rarely meets his fans during the soundcheck because of  time constraints.  In the photo here, kindly taken by a Real World employee, you can see how stunned (and how fugly) I am. You can also see how well PG is.  He looks much healthier than he did last year for the Philly gig.  I guess that year-long vacation did him a world of good. I guess PG was right to go on that trip and I was wrong for bitching about his vacation.  Dammit, PG -- stop being right.

I'll write a more detailed account/review of the soundcheck and concert later, when my fingers aren't so stiff, but for now I'll mention that PG gave me advice on how to treat my migraines.  Later on, when the shock wore off, I nearly burst into tears from gratitude.  I've had a lot of fantasies about PG since 1986 and I have to admit that talking about headaches and migraines with him was not one of them.

However, that one minute of him genuinely giving a damn means more to me than if he shagged me.  Not that I'd say no if he asked (yeah -- like I have a shot) but it there's one thing I've learned in my mixed-up life is that having sex with someone does not equal giving a damn about that someone.

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