Sunday, September 29, 2013

Peter Gabriel's Back to Front 2013 Tour Kicks Off in Denmark

Well, it's really happening. Those of you who bought tickets to Peter Gabriel's Back to Front 2013 tour last May need to find them and figure out your travel arrangements.  The tour kicked off last night in Denmark.  I've tried to find a review of the show but so far have been unable to.  On PG's Facebook Page, there are some posts from excited fans basking in the afterglow of the gig, so presumably all went well.

Since it was the first night of the tour, there had to be some inevitable glitches.  There had been at least one YouTube video made by audience members of the show, but apparently they've been pulled off of YouTube for whatever reason.  Apparently PG is using something called MagicCubes during the shows (?), but I have absolutely no idea what they are except that:

  • it must be complicated
  • it runs on Apple equipment
  • PG probably has no idea how to use it
From the one photo I've seen of the gig (and one of the setlist), it does not like there is any major difference from the Back to Front North American tour of 2012.  There is one slight difference -- a new song was unveiled called "Show Yourself."  I'm hoping that will change once the/my show for Leipzig rolls around. has gone through a major overhaul, so that now it looks like Tumblr.  In other words -- it's even harder to find info out than ever before.  It's very hard on my old eyes, so I won't bother with it anymore, except in making links for the occasional future blog post.

As to what the future of this particular blog goes, (and my own future), I can't promise that it will be predominately about PG anymore.  Because of my Mom's heath problems, my health problems, and the "fuck you" nature of the American health care system, this looks like it will be my very last PG concert ever (unless PG somehow manages to come back to Philly before I kick the bucket.)  It will be a bit painful for me to write about something I can't participate in or have any enjoyment of.

I'm trying to psyche myself up for the Leipzig gig, but so far it's not working.  I did manage to unearth my passport, so I guess that's something.  I feel like a big chapter in my life is coming to a close and I'm not all that happy at seeing it go away. 

My Mom is also FREAKING OUT (yes - she's doing it in capital letters) because I will be gone and she has mobility issues.  I don't know how many times I've told her that I would cancel my trip, but she insists on my going -- and in the next breath she wonders aloud what will happen to her when she's alone (which she isn't -- she has neighbors checking in on her and a paid companion to visit while I'm gone.)

So, basically, it's like this:

  • I go to Leipzig and try not to get kicked out of the soundcheck or gig
  • I come back and watch everyone I care about die
  • Eventually, I die.
Man, I hope pot becomes legal in Pennsylvania soon because the rest of my life is looking like it needs major drugs.

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