Saturday, March 02, 2013

Peter Gabriel at Mission Control & TED

Peter Gabriel was recently at NASA headquarters, where he talked to three astronauts up on the International Space Station (pictured).  An 11-minute film of the exchange is up on Peter's Facebook page, where the four Gabriels play happy families why the astronauts talk a bit about zero gravity, building with water and Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Peter is still on his year-long sabbatical.  According to his Facebook page, he spent his birthday in Mexico. 

He is now in California for the TED conference thingy.  I've never understood what the big deal was about TED (people go up on a stage and talk for 20 minutes in front of an audience.  Ooo.  Ahhh.)  but occasionally there's a gem of a talk, such as the one done in February 2002 by evolutionary biologist and bestselling author, Richard Dawkins.  Even Peter's talk in 2008 couldn't get better than that.

An article about Peter at this year's TED conference round table called "Interspecies Internet" appeared on TED's website.  Peter apparently is concerned for elephants and bonobos, but has no concern whatsoever for horses (since a couple of years ago (around the time of the Melbourne Cup fiasco) he admitted that he frequently bets on horse races.)


(Now comes the bit about me, so if you're only reading this for PG news, you can go now)

While Peter's off, I'm working as hard as I can.  I had a nice little nest egg saved for my trip to Germany later this year to see PG in concert, but then it was mostly wiped out from my most recent trip to the dentist.  Turns out my health insurance no longer covers fillings to front teeth and since they decided not to inform me of this change, I had work done on three of my front teeth.  Perhaps I'll just sleep on a park bench in  Leipzig instead of staying at a hotel.

As well as working for my Mom, working for my pets and working for my clients, I'm also trying to make a go of my blogs, all of which have been recently updated.  They are:

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