Tuesday, December 04, 2012


EDIT:  I had to delete a few posts from 2006 because of problems with the new template and my free photo limit at Blogger.

I tried to update this blog's template and it hasn't gone so well, as you can see.  I've somehow lost most of my sidebars.  Story of my life.

In other news, I'm going to Leipzig again next October for a Peter Gabriel concert.  I'm getting so tired of this freakin' house that if I know there's a vacation from it in the near future, my head will refrain from exploding.  My Mom asked me if PG was going to do a different show for the European Back to Front tour than he did this autumn in North America.  I looked her right in the eyes without blinking and said, "Yes."

PG will be playing Vienna as well as the UK and Germany in October 2013.  If I had known he would do Vienna, I would've went to Vienna instead of Germany.  No offence, Germany.  I've just never been to Vienna, home of the Spanish Riding School and the incredibly beautiful Lipizzaner stallions (pictured.)

Not that I will have any energy left over from the 12 hour trip, the soundcheck and the concert, and thinking up a lie to tell Mom about PG's show when I get back.  Silly me to think of looking at anything else other than Peter, I know. 

Meanwhile, Peter is goofing off with his family until about September of next year.  No news as to whether any Lipizzaner stallions will be involved. 

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