Saturday, July 14, 2012

To Peter Gabriel From His Fans

(No, I don't know the backstory to this Post Secret postcard, but it seemed appropriate.)

Well, as I metioned in the last post, Peter Gabriel has announced that at the end of the Back to Front tour (currently scheduled to end in February 2013) he, his two young sons and presumably some other family members, will be taking "a year" off to travel the world. 

Based on PG's past behavior, he's serious about this trip.  Also based on PG's past behavior, when he says "a year" he really means "perhaps a dog year, perhaps a Jupiter year -- but not 365 24-hour days." 

One thing is clear -- he won't be making any music during this time.  He may even retire.  Who knows?  But hopefully he will return to the studio and the stage after his wanderlust is sated.

Oh, now that I found that Post Secret postcard from fans to Peter, here's another from Post Rejects that is a little clearer.

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strat said...

I love all his works. Excellent.

crematory phoenix