Friday, September 17, 2010

OK. I Give Up and Now Believe in God

So I went to Leipzig, Germany just to see a Peter Gabriel concert and rehearsal. I spent a lot of money on it so I'm now broke. So I take the trouble and effort to get from Philadelphia to Leipzig and the night before the concert I realize I left behind the email with the conformation code I need in order to attend said rehearsal and concert.

I don't have a smart phone, laptop or PDA. I did not have Internet access. Hell, I couldn't even find a public phone in Leipzig.

Now, anyone going through this situation will of course be upset but they get over it. Either that or they have a 12 hour panic attack.

Guess what I did?

Yeah, that's right. 12 hour panic attack. During the attack, I did the inevitable getting down on my knees and praying through gritted teeth, "God, if you exist -- GET ME INTO THAT ARENA."

A few seconds after that I realized that the hotel staff had Internet access. Heck, earlier that day they let me send an email to my Mom to let her know I was okay. Unlike Berlin, which I visited in March, I could not find an Internet cafe. By 11 am I had a copy of the email.

I not only got into the soundcheck but during the soundcheck I got to meet PG again. We even had a short private conversation, which is a significant step forward in our non-relationship. He still has that beautiful laugh he does through his nose which makes his chest shake. He was a sweetheart and golden-skinned as usual and several pictures were taken of us together, including the two at the top of this post.

Later that night I discovered that I sprained a toe during the concert. I don't know exactly when because I was so full of adrenaline. The toe didn't begin to hurt until about an hour after the concert ended. I was then lying in bed and thinking about the roller-coaster of a day that had just passed.

This was my thought process:

"Wow. I guess there might actually be a G -- OH MY FUCKING GOD!!!!"

Says it all, really.

The two photos of PG and myself are courtsey of a lovely lady named Melanie Witrin. I'm also putting up a video of a song a fellow audience member recorded during that night's show. Enjoy:

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