Sunday, July 18, 2010

Peter Gabriel's Cover of "Illusions"

1987 was the 750th anniversary of the city of Berlin. So, what to do to celebrate? Make a cheesy television program! However, this show featured an incredibly rare clip of Peter Gabriel covering "Illusions," a song made famous by Marlene Dietrich in the movie "A Foreign Affair" (1948.) The electric piano player is David Sanctious, who was part of PG's band during the 1986 and 1987 tours.

I've been a PG fan since I was 16. As a result, I have a long list of things PG does that pisses me off. However, this is goes on the list of things PG does that sends me into a state of bliss.

The video was saved since the 1980s by an Italian PG fan and put up on YouTube in the past week. Enjoy:


Caste said...

Hi Rena, thanks for the info on the song.
The Italian fan. :-)

RenaSherwood said...

You are quite welcome. Thanks for the video!!!