Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Half Birthday with Peter Gabriel Pictures

Today's my half-birthday. The weather is celebrating with ice-cold, wind-whipped rain as if it was November 18. I've been pitiful recently, so I cheered myself up by re-entering the world of eBay. I left eBay in May of 2000, back when it eBay was REALLY eBay and not an actual, respectable company that it is today. I just assumed I was banned because I was a seller and let a couple of auctions expire unintentionally before I ran off to England.

I subsequently lost most of my Peter Gabriel collection, except for some random bits my Mom saved. I've had my PG CDs and tapes stolen or destroyed by an angry Peter-substitute boyfriend so many times that I'm now wary of getting all of the CDs replaced.

But Mom did save two photo albums filled with photos and magazine clippings about Peter. I like photos of PG, 'cause it's not like I have a shot with the real thing, is it?. Photos of him pleases me. I like the way he moves through the air. When I came back from the UK and went online again, I discovered that there were thousands of free downloadable PG images online. I had about 300 - 400 before my hard drive crashed. My Mom is convinced that it was the PG JPEG collection that did in the hard drive.

I prefer candid photos of him rather than professional shots or concert snaps, but at this point I'll take anything I can get. So, I went on eBay and bought several photographs of PG, inlcuding a better version of the image next to this post.

At least my photo albums won't crash like a PC hard drive.

Well, I better get back to work to pay for all of my future eBay misadventures.

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