Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm 40. What the Hell Happened?

One day, you have plans to rule the world and the next you're watching your bowel movements like a hawk. You think being a teenager was bad -- that was nothing compared to hitting the big 4 - 0.

I was born at the same time Sesame Street was, so when I see a word like "forty", I'm intnd to think it was brought to me by the letter F. What other words can you think of that also begin with the letter F? (Besides that one.) Hmm, let's see, we've got "failure", "foolish", "futile" and "flotational device". At least I know when I'll die -- the same year Sesame Street is cancelled. It's kind of a Halley's Comet thing.

As I'm shoved kicking and screaming into 40 on 18 November, I realize that there are some cherished dreams that are just never going to materialize throughout the rest of my life. They include:

* Never getting a horse -- and I don't mean a charley horse
* Never sleeping with Peter Gabriel (sex need not be involved)
* Never being the youngest person in the world to land a major book deal, then star in direct in the film adaptation of the book and win an Oscar
* Never again being able to eat a donut without worrying about what it will do to my colon

But, stil, ya gotta larf. I'm now going to end with a scene from my squandered youth:



Tirsden Frozenrayn said...

Happy belated birfday! XD That clip was so much WTF... I needa find that movie.

Anyways, yeah, I hear you on the age thing. I'll be hitting 32 in less than a month. How do I feel about it? It really only amuses me, as I found arriving at 30 to be downright hilarious (and was also vaguely amazed I made it that far). I've never had a problem saying how old I am and don't plan to care pretty much ever (but then I only look female... mother nature wasn't kind). My brain is something more like a jaded pervy-as-hell teenager and my body feels more like 80 (tho people still ask me what college I go to). *shrug*

Around 30 was also when I realized I was pretty much starting over, completely, which was fine with me, and I already felt like I had lived for so very long so heck... hello new life of indefinite length! (Now if only it'd improve a tad... lot... more... but at least I have found a huge chunk of that "me" concept, whatever the heck that means.)

Stopping in after finding your Imitrex post elsewhere from about a year ago. Thanks for posting that. ^___^

rraven said...

You're welcome and you're welcome. Thanks for the kind words. The clip was from the hit 80s TV series "Moonlighting". I can't remember if it was from the first or second season.