Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's Time To Tax Organized Religion

(Note: My views are not the views of any political party that I'm aware of.)

Let's face it -- organized religion is a business. Also, we are in an unprecedented economical crisis which requires gobs and gobs of money. Who has gobs and gobs of money and hoarding it for themselves? Organized religion -- no matter what you call it -- Islam, Judaism, Christianity, Scientology -- all of them are out to make money and all of them make money and all have property and so all need to pay taxes. I'm Pagan and I'd make the Pagans and Wiccans pay, too.

Besides, what good do they do? Nothing! They're just country clubs with pews.

Organized religion claims to be humanity's greatest hope. Prove it -- shell out the money and pay your fair share of taxes. They have such faith in God -- let Him pay the bill.

Let's end with a laugh with a conversation between Bill Mahar and Christopher Hitchens about how religion poisons everything:


Majic said...

Don't start me on organised religion. I suppose my sympathies are more pagan than anything, but even that is too 'organised' for me (and you wouldn't believe how political some pagans are - you just can't get away from it!)People are just natural 'club-joiners' I suppose, and where there's a club, well, there's always a treasurer. Just go your own way, and follow your gut - that's my religion.

Majic said...

Have I given you this link before? Just up your street:

rraven said...

Yeah, I'm a pagan, but I'm solitary. I hadn;t seen that link before. Lokks interesting. Thanks! Good to hear from you again. I've been having problems with the Blooger comments (posts would disappear) but I guess they're working now.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

where do I/we sign up to launch or participate in the movement to tax religion??

Anonymous said...

for to long they have used the charitable donations line , tax em and get on with life. no more free rides for covert business models that create strife in other countries
and continuously provoke other sect's (religions have and are still poisoning countries true chances of peace). Tax the pudd right out of them all, make them all claim their donations at the end of the year as tho its their income (which it is)