Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sure Sign Of Success: When Strangers Hate You

There are only three businesses doing well in America today -- undertakers, Campbell's Soup and me. How do I know my freelance business is doing well? Strangers hate me. Some days, they aren't even subtle about it. One day, I got a comment from a "Jason Nevins" for my 451 Press blog, Dealing With Headaches to read this:

I hate you.

And that pretty much sums up 2008 for me. I have more work than I can handle, I'm discovering that snark sells and I get emails from trolls. Among other work that has gone out on the web this year that I'll highlight for no particular reason:

* Have Animal Rights Gone Too Far?
* Why The EPA Sucks
* Defending Yourself From a Zombie Army With Angel Music Boxes
* How To Talk Like William Shatner
* Animals That Are Smarter Than Humans

Back to work.


MRS said...

I don't hate you.

Majic said...

Loads of work - is that writing work? Do hope so

rraven said...

Thanks, MRS and yes, tons of freelance web content articles and blog posts to do. Sometimes I think I'm the only non-celebrity in the country with a steady self-employment job (knock on wood).