Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Birthday and Deathday

Today is Pony's 4th birthday. The world has been blessed with four full years of Pony. Perhaps you can tell your children where you were on the day Pony was born. We are planning to have a party today at my father's.

However, one of my goldfish died this morning, Ghost Fish (ala Twin Comet). All I found of him was half a spine and part of a skull stuck to the filter intake valve. He was the only fish of the lot that didn't grow. He originally was the largest fish of the bunch -- then he was the smallest. He lived with me two days shy of ten months. I don't know why he died. He didn't look sick.

I keep looking at the other four suspisciously. Did they kill him and eat him or only ate him after he died? There's a happy topic for Pony's party later today. On that note, this would be a good time to announce that I've been hired to write yet another blog, Depression Talk.

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