Sunday, May 18, 2008

Todays' Sad Git Is Racehorse Trainer Larry Jones

When you want to absolve yourself of all responsiblity, what do you do? Blame someone else, that's what. Usually, God is the one that gets the blame. Racehorse trainer Larry Jones, trainer of Eight Belles (euthanized on the track at this year's Kentucky Derby) is not blaming greed, inbreeding of Thoroughbreds or the media for the on-camera death of his filly.

Jones said that two nights after the Derby he spent time reading his Bible and trying to understand why he lost Eight Belles. A strong thunder-and-lightning storm hit Delaware Park at the time, which Jones said he took as a sign from above.

"He [God] let me know it wasn't my horse. It was his horse long before I ever knew who she was," the trainer said. "This was her purpose, and he did not let her suffer."

Way to completely confuse the issue of cruelty in horse racing, Mr. Jones, by pointing the finger to invisible powers. Must've learned that tacatic from George Bush.

We don't even know what the person nect to us on the bus is thinking, and yet Larry Jones know all about what's God's thinking. It's always dangerous to interpert the Will of God, for any reason. One day, He may sue for libel.


Anonymous said...

RRAVEN is in idiot~ leaving comments on issues they know NOTHING about~

rraven said...

Wow, aren't you brave, not even leaving your name? What, you think I'll suddenly see the light by being illimnated by your insults?

I happen to know more about horse racing than you obviously do. I used to work for a racing stable. I used to be a diehard racing fan from 1978 - 1999. I collected horse racing books, stats, bloodlines and have interviewd many vets who had to treat racehorses. In 1999, I got sick of watching horses die on the track and being bred to die on the track and did a complete 360 on how I view the "sport".

If you saw the things I'd seen over twenty-one years, then you wouldn't have made such a stupid comment.

Anonymous said...

I think your comment may be a little over the top. I don't think you know anything about Mr Jone's faith or what is in the Bible. The Bible clearly states that everything is God's. Mr Jones knows that and anyone who read the autopsy report or knows how he treats and trains his horses knows he did not abuse Eight Belles.

rraven said...

Today's dumb asshole is Anonymous.