Monday, November 19, 2007

God, I'm 38. What Happened?

Yes, it's time for the annual posting of the Solsbury Hill Commitee's picture of a partying Peter. That means my mortality clock has ticked on one click. Translation: Yesterday was my birthday.

Now, I'm coming down from a major sugar and Breyer model horse buzz, so I can't really make a big post, as my eyes are still not back into focus. That and a killer sinus headache this morning didn't help things. However, yesterday my Mom and Dad got together to have me have one of the best birthdays of my entire life. For a few hours, I was a little horse-mad girl again! Mom found about a "Breyer Fun Day" held locally and had my Dad drive me to it (my folks are divorced).

I used to have about 1,000 model horses of various sizes and Breyer was and is my favorite brand. At this Breyer Fun Day, I got to eat free cupcakes, shop for boku Breyers, play a Breyer game, talk to other collectors, enter (and loose) at free to enter raffles and got a free poster, stickers, dealer's catalogue and a free Breyer -- well, I had to paint the little Breyer pony in order to get him for free, but I'm not quibbling.

Now, it's back to work (which I love, incidently.) Showcasing some of my recent work on HubPages, you can read such diverse topics as:

*Practical Crystal Healing
*What To Feed Your Ferret
*How To Set Up A Goldfish Tank
*The Medicinal Properties of Clove Oil


Majic said...

Happy Birthay! Glad you had good day. Also glad I'm not the only only to still love model horses, though Julip are my particular favourites. Ah, can still remember the excitement of travelling to London to buy my first one. The shop was actually closed when I got there, but can still remember the sweet anticipation (which is better than ssatisfaction, so I'm told but I'm not convinced).
Anyhow, you can buy them online now, much easier!
PS You didn't approve my last comment! I'm gutted!

rraven said...

Hi Majic

Blogger is a little slow in notifing me of comments lately. No offence was intended in the delay of approving your comment.

I remember Julips -- very detailed. Thanks for sharing your model horse stories :-)