Saturday, May 26, 2007

Is Blasphemy Scary?

I'm getting quite an interesting collection of rejection letters. In less than a year, I now have well over a hundred and I will never, ever again think , "Well, now I've seen 'em all!"

I occassionally pick publications at random to constantly submit to. As soon as they reject one piece, I fire off another. The theory is that they will even tually publish something of mine just to get rid of me. I wish I could say that I came up with this theory. I actually nicked it from a parable told by Jesus. I'm not going to name this esteemed publication, as that is unprofessional. Let us just say that it is a low-paying annual horror magazine.

Horror. As in, scary. Stuff that frightens. Keep that in mind.

I'd tried three (or four?) poems that people have told me "gave them the creeps". Each one was returned as "not being scary enough." SO, I sent of a fun little poem called "God" (which I can't reproduce here or it will be considered "published") where God appears as The Eternal Rapist. It was also rejected.

But not with the usual "not scary enough". This time, it was "I'm not into blasphemy."

That was the entire reason. Wait a minute, I thought this was supposed to be a horror publication? Horror takes what is normal and safe and secure and completely splits it open. Blasphemy fits right into the definition. God is NOT in His heaven and all is NOT right with the world. Isn't that thought the least bit troubling?

So, in other words, "Sorry, rraven -- your poem is OVERQUALIFIED."

Go figure. I think I'll go light a candle to Edgar Allen Poe and ask for some clarification on this matter of no blasphemey in horror.


Majic said...

I really admire you for sticking at this, particularly as I love writing so much too, and even started a 'Writers Bureau' course a few years ago (but didn't finish due to apathy)so I think it's great that you don't give up. If your blog is anything to go by, I'm sure your work is great, and will soon find the recognition it deserves (even if it is in Russian!)

Majic said...

But presumably if you'd done a poem about Satanism that would have been right down their street?

rraven said...

I don't know about pro-Satanism working at that magazine. If I did send them somethin pro-Satanism, it would only be to annoy them.

Thanks for your kind comments in your first post. They make me mostly speechless. :-)