Monday, April 30, 2007

Ethical Dilemma

Hi, all. I'm knackered. Since last blog post, I sold another poem that's coming out in June, but also was hired by two web content sites. One is an American site, and addresses me by my name. The other is a Russian website, (but they want me to write in English, fortunately) and refers to me as Writer 870. Wow--I think I've discovered my true alter-ego. ("Aha! Writer 870! So, we meet again!") I'm also still scribbling and submitting as well as doing keyword articles and trying out for other writing gigs. I'm amazed at how little time you get to spend writing when you're a freelance writer. Most of the time is spent in sales and blagging your talent to invisible editors.

Now, I've noticed that most online and hard-copy publications will not consider anything that has been "previously published". Unfortunately, I've discovered that this blog counts, for a majority of editors, as a publishing source, even though I don't get any money for it.

Which brings me to my ethical dilemma: what do I post on this blog as free to the world and what writing to I try and squirrel away and sell? I cherish my loyal readers, both of you, and want to treat you as the extra special souls that you are. But I'm also flat-ass broke. So don't be suprised if I don't post as frequently anymore. No offence.


Majic said...

Congratulations! Well, you never know where this may lead, but remember, in the words of 'The Prisoner' - I'm not a number, I'm a free man!!' Suspect that show didn't do too well in Russia...

rraven said...

Thanks, majic. "The Prisoner" probably does great in Russia. They're a pretty feisty lot :-)

I've had to move on from Adonico, who informed me after my resignation letter that they are no longer Russian. So, I guess they are now The-Adonico-Formerly-Known-As-Russian.

No offence was meant by my blogpost, "Ethical Dilemma". I thought being "writer 870" was cute, and was in no way offended by the designation.

I'm sure in years to come we'll all have a good laugh about this.